Researchers and national and foreign students, they met in Valdivia to analyze and share expertise and work related to the theme of Cancer and inflammation. Recognition to the best Poster presentation was for Tania Koning of the Austral University, and the best Oral communication for Claudia Oyanedel of the Universidad San Sebastián (Santiago campus).

In a joint organization between the Universidad Austral de Chile and the Universidad de Los Andes, was carried out with success and high attendance the 3rd International Symposium: Cancer and Inflammation (3rd International Symposium: Cancer and inflammation), last Thursday 11 and Friday 12 January.

Developed in building Emilio Pugin (Faculty of Sciences), Campus Isla Teja in Valdivia, the meeting was primarily aimed to publicize and share work in national and international universities, the line of research on inflammation and cancer-related, becoming a place of meeting and conversation among students, researchers young and old, along with an opportunity to establish mutual collaborations. (See program)

This was with national experts (see listing), where emphasized the participation of scientists from ACCCDiS: Doctors Quest, Romero, Corvalan and Owen. In addition to the international guests, Dres. Moran Benhar, Technion Israel Inst of Tech; Jim Burch, University of South Carolina; Benedict Chambers, Karolinska Institute; Jose Conejo-garcia, Moffitt Cancer & RES. Ctr.; and Bye Zhao, WT-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.


According to highlight its organizers, the activity was very well appreciated by the national and international scientific community, "emphasizing the high level of research carried out in our country. It also served to establish ties of cooperation between UACh and other universities".

They also emphasize the great participation of both undergraduate students, postgraduate and Honors program in research (PHIM) the uach, Universidad San Sebastián, Universidad de Los Andes, University of Chile, P. Universidad Católica de Chile, University of la Frontera and Universidad de Concepción.

In addition, in this version there were oral presentations of high level by students, with the award for the best Oral communication Claudia Oyanedel the Universidad San Sebastián (Santiago campus), for his work "Galectin-8 induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition with invasive tumorigenic capabilities involving partial to EGFR-MAK-proteasome pathway in MDCK cells".

As recognition for the best poster presentation, It was for Tania Koning of the UACh for his work "Role of VCAM-1 S - nitrosylation on leukocyte adhesion by IL - 8 and conditional medium from tumor cells".

Once more the Organizing Committee thanked the Centre ACCDiS, Millennium of Immunology and immunotherapy and core Swan Institute. In addition to the different strata of the Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad de los Andes, It gave its support to this activity.

(Source: Universidad Austral de Chile)