He study, called "Metals and epidemiological profile" was directed by the Dra. Sandra Cortés, research associate at ACCDiS.

The team was unable to determine that blood samples taken to 1,400 volunteers showed low levels of cadmium, chrome, Mercury and lead, While the fifth element measured, arsenic, He presented values above the reference in 117 people, why the authorities of the Regional Ministerial Secretariat (Seremi) Antofagasta health will continue to monitor the outcome.

In this respect, the Dra. Sandra Cortes told the daily El Mercurio of Antofagasta to "baseline measurement line highlights that the arsenic", as most important nonmetallic, It requires vigilance and other metals are kept at low levels. Although we believe that also should be monitored, but not in a way that is so demanding, Since this gives account of what exists today, but it is a diagnosis that must be updated".

Source: El Mercurio of Antofagasta