This Friday, November 03, in units of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the University of Chile, was the official closing ceremony of "Days of initiation scientific and prevention of chronic diseases" organized by the Centre for advanced diseases chronic ACCDiS with support of the independence DAEM, attended by students of schools of 4 high schools in the district: Liceo Rosa Ester Alessandri Rodríguez, Gabriela Mistral high school, Liceo José Manuel Balmaceda and Liceo Juan Francisco de Quito.


The "scientific initiation days" are intended to encourage in students high school interest in developing activities in the world of science related to chronic diseases more frequent worldwide. During three days, carried out in September, October and November 2017, 17 students were learning from lectures and practicals, on the application of nanomedicine in the prevention and diagnosis of chronic diseases, In addition to topics such as nutrition, physical activity and recommendations to improve their learning styles.


In the closing activity, the various working groups formed at the Conference, They presented a the evaluation committee composed of researchers from ACCDiS, their projects, that it contained what was learned in the activities, results and their applications. This time the winning project was "Liposomes in nanomedicine", composite group by: Tamara Morales, Jean Pool Vergara, Felipe Durán and Carlos Muñoz, all of them are students of the Liceo José Manuel Balmaceda. Also on this occasion, Dr. Felipe Oyarzun, researcher ACCDiS and Ph.d. in research and drug development, the Conference entitled “Nano and Microvehiculizacion of active molecules with therapeutic interest lipophilic”.