Hundreds of science professionals gave life to a historic demonstration:

Hundreds of scientists filled the Plaza of the Constitution to express their discomfort by the little State investment in science and technology.

Without a doubt, these last weeks will pass to the dawn of the scientific history of our country., since the debate to generate a greater state incentive aimed at science and research is presented with more force than ever.


After varied headlines, newspaper covers - of national significance- and notes broadcast by major television networks, scientists from different universities, Research Centers, Laboratories and Foundations, gathered in front of the La Moneda Palace to express a true "Scientific Fury", based on the inauspicious working conditions of many of them.

The Society of Biology of Chile and the Societies that compose it were present at the event through their Directors and Partners. The President of the Society of Biology, Dr. Rodrigo Iturriaga delivered the letter to the Presidency, in the company of the President of the Council of Scientific Societies of Chile, Dr. Jorge Babul, Natalia Muñoz, leader of the "Science with Contract" Movement and Matías Pérez, leader of the National Association of Postgraduate Researchers.


Hundreds of banners alluding to the demands and also to the different entities that supported the demonstration, gave life to an exciting encounter, where the most important thing was science.



3Different scientific societies were present at this event, which hopes to set a precedent and generate momentum to effectively improve the budget dedicated to science and research in our country.






Dozens of white aprons were seen from the windows of the buildings that enclose the Plaza de la Constitución.

The phrase: "No more abuse, science with a contract" was a true anthem that flooded hopeful scientists.

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This November 12 will be remembered as the day when Chilean science made itself heard.

The Society of Biology of Chile was present at an event that was able to bring together different National Awards, outstanding researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, technicians and support staff from all over the capital.


8In photography: Natalia Muñoz; Leader of the "Science with Contract" movement, giving an emotional and enthusiastic speech about why? Chilean scientists protest.

Natalia called to build together a better destiny for science, and to continue fighting for this just cause.




9Dr. Jorge Babul delivered a motivating speech, in which he called on the new generations of scientists to fight for their ideals and for the prosperous development of science.. "Chile requires more experts in science to achieve the desired development", Mentioned.

In addition to this, Dr. Babul gave his support to the sciences of the Humanist area, which, according to his words, they are also having a hard time because of the few resources they receive..





10In photography: Dr. Rodrigo Iturriaga, Dr. Jorge Babul and Dr. Andrés Couve, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience (BNI).






Dr. Jorge Babul.


In photography: SRA. Yolanda Zambrano, Dr. Rodrigo Iturriaga – who holds the letter signed by hundreds of scientists- and José Núñez.

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