Being a woman and devote himself to science is a difficult road. There are obstacles that hinder the development of girls, young people and women in the sciences, among them, the existence of stereotypes and the lack of screening of the important work of women scientists. According to the program of United Nations development (UNDP), 62% of Chile and Chileans refuse to full gender equality1, for this reason that our society requires an awareness of the issue of gender equality and needs to understand that the role of women in society has changed, and this should be manifested in the area of scientific research.

Given the need to overcome the limitations and stereotypes regarding "science by women" is the main idea of our proposal. Through a meeting of women scientists (all academic levels) aims to educate the student population, showing them the difficulties that can represent being a woman of science, but also to highlight the achievements and the gratifying result that can be obtained as a researcher. Described will be made by a cycle of lectures, which will include lectures from experts in the subject, professional experience of academic and renowned Chilean researchers, and a poster session in charge of students of the University of Chile.


1.- Sharing perspectives, experiences and knowledge of Chilean women with careers to research and innovation.

2.- Find a rapprochement between students and academics, in order to inform and motivate the students select or remain in the scientific field.

3.- Raise awareness among the University population, men and women, on the role of women and their importance in the scientific development.

4.- Disclose the contributions of women in research, development and innovation.

Meeting of women in science: "Tearing down barriers and myths"


Date: July 27, 2018

Lugar: Aula Magna, Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences



9:00 -10:00 Registration
10:00 -10:10 Opening remarks
Dean/Vice-Dean of the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences
10:10 10:20

Opening remarks
SRA. Alicia Salomone
Director of the Department of graduate and postgraduate

10:20 10:50

Gender equity in the Academy
SRA. Carmen Andrade
Director of gender equality, University of Chile

10:50 11: 20

Woman and immigrant: long road to become scientific Chilean
DRA. Evgenia Spodine Spiridonova
ACAL member and academic University of Chile

11:20 12:10

"A fantastic journey: "from the macro to the nanoscopic"
DRA. Natalia Hassan Lopez
Researcher at Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana

2:10 13:00

Poster and evaluation session

14:30 15:30

"Stereotypes of gender and its impact on the vocational choices of women"
Jessica Gonzalez Mahan
Director of the Center for leadership, Community women

15:30 16:00

"Network Adelina Gutierrez": origin, achievements and challenges in gender equity in the FCFM, University of Chile"
DRA. Nancy Histchfeld Kahler
Network Adelina Gutierrez, FCFM, University of Chile

16:00 -16:40

Poster session
Coffee break

16:40 16:50 Awards
16:50 17:00

Closing remarks
Dr. Sergio Lavandero
Center advanced chronic diseases - ACCDiS