XVI national projects of research and development in health, Fonis 2019

This call financially supports research with a strong scientific component for, in a relatively short time, to achieve results that become a protocols, clinical guidelines and recommendations, likely to contribute to the improvement in governmental decision-making, Public health and clinical applications.

Los interesados podrán optar a un monto máximo de financiamiento de 60 millones de pesos, con hasta 30 meses de ejecución. The proposals shall be ranked, According to the proposed study, in the areas of clinical, Choose to live healthy, Psychosocial and public health.

Este concurso está abierto para publicación entre el 08-01-2019 al 21-03-2019

Concurso IDeA I+D 2019

Este concurso tiene como propósito apoyar financieramente la ejecución de proyectos de investigación científica y tecnológica, in all areas of Sciences who have a previous history that support a hypothesis of a technology application, product or service and that, with the development of the research, achieve validation through a proof of concept prototype in a short period of two years-level.

This call for proposals can be presented different areas of generic FONDEF projects (Agricultural; Social Sciences and education; Bless you; Manufacturing, Infrastructure and mining; Energy, Water, Environment; Forest; and ICT) como también se hace una convocatoria especial en el marco de líneas definidas como desafíos país y temático:

– Adaptation to climate change and natural disasters

– Aging and older adult

– Technological revolution

– Mining Virtuosa

Este concurso está abierto para postulación entre el 08-01-2019 al 28-03-2019

The application to both contests is carried out through the web site https://auth.conicyt.cl/