In the Palacio de La Moneda was held the ceremony in which was presented to the Prime Minister of the newly created portfolio of science. The meeting was attended by Dr. Sergio Lavandero, Director of ACCDiS.

The occasion was also used to bring together the main actors of the national scientific world, those who were excited about the realization of this project, which seeks to strengthen the science and technology in our country.

The new Minister Andrés Couve is biologist of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Ph.D. Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the date he served as director of the Millennium Institute of biomedical neuroscience (BNI) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

On the other hand, Carolina Torrealba was named Undersecretary of the Ministry of science. Torrealba is a degree in biology and a PhD in cell biology and Molecular of the Catholic University of Chile.

In this respect, Dr. Lavandero said both appointments "are excellent news that should rejoice since the two main authorities of the Ministry are extremely competent people, recognized as pairs by the scientific community".

In addition, Dr. Lavandero said that "both will have our full support. "The task of implementing the new Ministry is a great task that calls us to the whole scientific community to work together because it is important for the future of science in our country".

Photo: Government of Chile