Recently, the National Commission for scientific and technological research (CONICYT) It revealed the projects benefit from funds derived from the VII Regional dissemination and evaluation of scientific and technological associations contest Explore 2019-2022, initiative that seeks to contribute to creating a scientific and technological culture among the population, fostering critical thinking in citizenship, thoughtful and understanding of the environment and, In addition, strengthening the comprehensive development of people through curiosity and scientific thought.

Within the 18 projects selected at national level, the application made by ACCDiS was elected in the area corresponding to the Northern Metropolitan Region, under the patronage of the University of Chile and the commitment of the Institute for research and innovation in the Faculty of Sciences of the health of the U. Central de Chile, the Faculty of Sciences at the U. Santo Tomas Santiago campus, the Institute of nutrition and food technology (INTA) the u. of Chile and the Faculty of dentistry the same studies as partner institutions House.

Through this project, ACCDiS is committed to generate, stimulate and maintain the development of a scientific and technological culture in the school community of 17 communes of the Northern pair-RM, through a network of multidisciplinary partners belonging to public and private organizations, as well as to stimulate the evaluation of science-level citizenship through an effective communication between the scientific world of technology and the population in general.

The resources derived from the regional partnership projects (PAIR) the explora program will be earmarked for each selected institution so that each of them made within its territory four activities for children, girls, teens, teachers and the general public, in an activity that will take place during the national science day, on October 7.

Image: Project explore