Great formula safety and high stability of the encapsulation for adequate absorption are part of the new developments of the study led by Andrew Quest scholars, of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, and Marcelo Kogan and Felipe Oyarzun, Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences from the same House of studies. In addition, the formulation may be promptly consumed by people from the development of a beverage that will include it.

It was in May of the 2017 that the researchers of the University of Chile, and belonging to the Centre for advanced chronic diseases (ACCDiS ), communicated to the country and to the world one of its research with more potential and impact: a nanoemulsion-based turmeric which completely inhibited the recurrence and metastasis of tumors to be applied to animal patients who had cancer.

This formula used one of the active ingredients of turmeric, "Curcumin", including it in nanovehicles so its dissolution, proper protection and promotion of its therapeutic effect. In a new step to promote and implement these benefits, is that the team of researchers U. of Chile/ACCDiS you managed to prove that the elaborate formulation protects long Curcumin once administered in animal patients.

"Curcumin is a fragile and highly unstable molecule, When administered without vehiculizarla - apart from not have effect-, It can destabilize rapidly. Within the nanovehiculo we create, is protected for much longer, which would be indicative of a prolonged Administration site effect", explained the academic faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences and researcher of the ACCDiS, Dr. Felipe Oyarzun, what constitutes a new step in the process of research they are doing.

Other significant advances, is the confirmation of the security and safety of the formula when applied in doses much higher than those required to inhibit the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. With his first works, the researchers experimented with a cancerous tumor, that extracted surgically and applied the nanoemulsion, after which the tumor did not emerge or present metastasis.

On that occasion they applied a dose that had proved effective, but to even evaluate even more security of the vehicle, as continued the Professor Oyarzún, "we put a dose that was 25 times higher than the initial and we evaluated whether it was any indication of toxicity; for example, If biochemical parameters in blood or blood gas parameters were changed, and there was no effect. I.e., the formulation, even at much higher doses, is equally safe", situation which opens up even more possibilities to this ongoing investigation, Since it could administer high doses in more complex stages of disease.

This shows that the formula is "very safe and could not limit ourselves with the amount to manage", that could have an effect, for example, in a patient who suffers from a much more aggressive cancer or who are in a particularly difficult stage", as he detailed the Dr. Oyarzún, who also said that the team hopes that the formula can be promptly evaluated in human patients.

As a way of bringing the benefits of the nanovehicles created by researchers is that promptly, and working together, a Chilean company is developing drinks with the formulation of academic or. of Chile/ACCDiS, which will be released on an estimated time of three to five months. After delivered to such an enterprise license, people may consume the drink which will have built-in formulation in its content.

In addition, the team hopes to soon obtain sufficient resources for the development of a drug. This, as Dr. Oyarzún, would be ideal, because "we could evaluate the formulation in different types of cancer and test doses in humans. At the end, the ideal is to have clarity on the types of cancer that would be more susceptible to the formulation, the dose required for this purpose, and the best routes of administration (oral, After removing a tumor, etc.)”.

"This is a process much slower because it requires another level of resources, with those who do not have, and hopefully the intake for a pharmaceutical company. In this sense we are complicated because, without these resources, It is very difficult to continue with the development and the obtaining of a drug. The collaboration of health care professionals, with experience and the desire to carry out clinical studies, It would also be of great help and would make this process faster, so we are very open in this sense and very available to collaborate", concluded the Professor Oyarzún.

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