Line of research: Natural history of gastrointestinal cancer. Subdirectora ACCDiS | Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile | e-mail:

Catterina Ferreccio MD, MSP, from the University of Chile and MSP in Epidemiology, from Johns Hopkins University.

Professor and Director of the Master's Program in Epidemiology. Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC).

Area of ​​interest: Prevention and control of cancers associated with infectious and environmental causes in Chile.

Job: Since 2014 Deputy Director of the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS). From 1990 to date Professor of Public Health, UC School of Medicine. 2000-2002 Regional Consultant of PAHO in Washington DC, on operational research related to cervical cancer in Peru, Chile and El Salvador. Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Vaccine Development, University of Maryland, School of Medicine. General practitioner, Talagante, Chile.

International collaborations and committees

Grupo de estudio de la OMS sobre carga de Enfermedades Transmitidas por Alimentos, Comité asesor de Inmunizaciones en Chile. Ha sido científico visitante en: IARC, Lyon, el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, NIH / EE.UU.; Escuela de Salud Pública. Universidad de California en Berkeley. Y presidenta de la Sociedad Chilena de Epidemiología.

Current research: primary and secondary prevention of stomach cancer. Natural history of gallbladder cancer. Long-term effects of arsenic exposure in drinking water. Field trials of cervical cancer screening alternatives. Start of a large population-based cohort to study the occurrence of chronic diseases and cancer.

Publications: 134 in peer-reviewed journals

Financing: Fondecyt, Fondef, US EPA, WHO, NIH, Bill and Melinda Gates.